Environmental Stance

We care about the environment.

We build our projects to be energy efficient and have instituted best practices to insure that we are environmentally responsible at all times. We make it a point to help you make choices that will save energy and minimize waste and pollution.

Latest Technology

Wherever possible we recommend the latest in energy saving products. For example during the first half of 2007 we have installed more than 15sun tubes. These products use advanced optical techniques to efficiently channel natural light into your bathroom. This helps create a pleasant ambiance while at the same time saving on electricity during daylight hours.

On several recent projects we’ve installed solar powered roof vents. Excess heat trapped in the attic can raise your home’s temperature several degrees during the summer. These devices help cool your house by removing trapped heat while using no additional electricity.

Energy and Water Conservation

We are also experienced with more conventional energy saving products, materials, and construction techniques. For example we are careful to properly insulate walls and plumbing. We seal any air leaks to prevent drafts from forming. We also make sure that there is proper ventilation to control moisture, remove odors, and stabilize temperatures. We use flow restricting devices in showers and install low flow toilets to save water.


We take care to minimize the waste we generate and separate out all cardboard and other appropriate materials for recycling.